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Global Championstour – Blick aufs Meer

Global Championstour – Blick aufs Meer

Die Longines Global Championstour am Strand von Miami Beach. Mit Sonnengarantie.

Wie wir es gerne hätten – Ostern mit Sonnengarantie, dem Meer in Gehweite und Pferde wohin man schaut. Hier eine Bildergalerie mit Blick auf den Atlantik. Happy Easter!

The GCL of Miami Beach is a spectacular showcase of top sport and entertainment. Set against breath-taking views, riders and horses compete just inches from the glittering Atlantic ocean and spectators are able to walk right up to the edge of the arena to watch the stars of show jumping battle it out for precious ranking points. With every score counting, the pressure is on the riders to go clear and put their team in the best position possible during round one, with the fastest team with the least faults in pole position for the Final on Saturday. (PM)

Fotos: © Stefano Grasso / LGCT